Panting for His Commands (Nov 7)

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Open Up Your Heart by Jeff Syverson Open Up Your Heart by Jeff Syverson

November 7
Panting for His Commands

Today’s Scripture Readings: Psalm 119:129-136 | Ezekiel 16:43-17:24 | Hebrews 8:1-13 | Proverbs 27:7-9

Today’s Scripture Focus: Psalm 119:129-136

I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands. (Psalm 119:131 NIV)

The psalmist describes an intense longing for God’s word and his commands. He describes it like this: “I open my mouth and pant, longing for your commands.”

Imagine a pet dog on a hot day running toward you, his tongue hanging out, his whole torso heaving with each breath. He runs to you filled with intense longing–seeking affection, but also hungry and thirsty for sustaining water and food. The intensity you sense in the moment, the panting after affection and sustenance is like the intensity of the Psalmist’s desire to know God through his word and to obey his commands. He couldn’t use a more…

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Born and raised in Minnesota, I have served in churches in Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and California. I am a graduate of Crown College (MN) and George Fox Evangelical Seminary (OR). I have also done additional graduate studies in New Testament Studies at the Center for Advanced Theological Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary (CA). I am also a graduate of the College of Prayer. Having served as the Academic Dean and Program Director at Horizon Institute of Los Angeles for several years, I have returned to the pastorate and serve as Pastor of Big Trees Community Bible Church in Arnold, CA.
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